sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

Oskar Barnack Prize 2012

Back to the main subject: Leica anual prize for photographers worldwide. 1st prize: M9-P with lens and 5K EUROS, cash.

domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011

Forget megapixels, for godsake!

Never, ever, go out to shop a camera based only in megapixels count. Image quality factor (IQF) is based more on lens sharpness, size of the sensor and dynamic range, color accuracy and noise.

Do not let a sales man make you fool.

quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011


Vale a pena acordar mais cedo ou mesmo ficar ligado no fuso horário para telefonar para nossos filhotes quando estivermos viajando a trabalho. Hoje telefonei antes das minhas molecas saírem para a escola. Foi genial o sopro de energia que recebi com as vozes delas em meus ouvidos. Agora posso trabalhar com força total, sabendo que estou fazendo o melhor que posso por nossa família e por mim, como realização pessoal. É preciso tentar combinar essas necessidades para a vida valer a pena.

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Shakin' no more: Steadicam for cellphones

Smoothee is a nice add on for any filmaker who loves the ideia of use a HD enabled cellphones on filming handheld. You can een use it live with your Face Time app. Launch a "Broadcast Yourself News Service". To start using the toy, pick up 200 Obamas from your wallet. Good bang for the buck ratio.

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Optical Zoom for smartphones. Bullshit in glass

Nobody need to spoil a great tool for street photography and candids. But the folks at Rollei believe in so. They developed an incredible 8x zoom, made in China. The pack include a tripod mount and a cheap tripod. I'll just pass. Better use my Nokia N8 Carl Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 prime and stay close to the subject

quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

The best cameras for dummies under U$200,00

People used to aks me what is the better camera for newbies under 200 bucks. If your concerns move towards portability, good high ISO performance, sharp lens and good bang for the buck ratio, I deeply recommend two choices.

If you are under an "end of the world" mood, pick up a Casio EX-G!: Waterproof, shock proof and can be used even in the snow.

But if you really like the life held in a positive approach, the Canon ELPH 300 HS is the better choice. Excellent sensor, despite to be smaller than the one in my Nokia N8. Very bright ens, starting at f/2.7. Very good zoom range for those lazy enough to use their legs to get close to the subject. This one can record FUllHD videos, at a film like frame rate of 24fps.

For you who love 1:1 pics, those squared ones, this baby can shot this way, natively.

Both holds a MSRP of less than 200 bucks.